Patrick Vlaskovits to Headline Friday Night


SB Startup Weekend is thrilled to announce Patrick Vlaskovits as our kickoff headliner on Friday night, Nov 15, at Avelina Wine Company in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone. Patrick is a bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur and has been featured in Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, and The Browser.

Patrick’s blog regularly covers Lean Entrepreneurship, starting companies, and the big ideas engineers, designers, and marketers should be thinking about as they embark upon the startup adventure. Patrick is not shy about discussing what doesn’t work (and didn’t work for him) as well as what does.

Patrick regularly speaks at tech and startup conferences and has hands-on experience founding startups, mentoring startups, and advising startups.

Startup Weekend participants will hear Patrick at our kickoff event Friday night at Avelina Wine Company and then will have a chance to pitch their own ideas, vote on the best ideas, form teams, and start a new company. Teams will continue working all through the weekend at Workzones in Paseo Nuevo. The final presentations and competition for prizes happens Sunday night at the Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art in Paseo Nuevo.

Winning teams have the opportunity to compete nationally and internationally in the Global Startup Battle!