18 teams of #SWSB – 3


CA Budget Tracker

The California Budget Tracker (CBT) makes government data on spending and revenues easily accessible and understandable so that everyday citizens can engage their government.




A concierge service that helps you meet great hosts in new cities. We are filling the social void left after AirBnB killed couch surfing.



automated engagement letter generation for attorneys



MOVIDO marketing

Movido helps businesses place ads on local delivery and semi-trucks in relevant markets so that it’s effective, affordable, and GPS-tracked. We’re disrupting the outdoor advertising industry one truck at a time.

movido. your ad. moving.



Unlock your work/living space using Lockitron’s bluetooth based technology

Eliminates the need for a physical key


Statue Studio

3D printed sculptures of people to commemorate life events and history.



NextMove.co is your friend with a truck. It is a platform that connects you with local citizens who can help you move. Our service verifies movers through a screening process, provides an easy to understand rate, insurance coverage, and has a user rating system.



Crowdsource your education



Air bnb for private parking



We are trying to being a new, highly natural, intimate communication device to the world.



We are creating a platform for startups to connect to all of the resources and teams they need.


Omza – Yoga for you.

Omza is a tool for yoga students to find a class that suits their needs and preferences, helps them find a class in their vicinity when they are traveling, and assists them in selecting a class that fits their schedule. Omza is a tool for yoga teachers to create their own online presence, list all classes they teach in one place, whether they are associated with a studio or independent instructors, and allows them to share information about their classes on social media. Omza is a tool for yoga studios that simplifies the scheduling process and allows deep insight into their consumer base to enhance customer retention and optimize their class offerings. Omza takes the stress out of yoga and makes it fun for everyone involved.



Liquidity is an application that enables a vendor to implement a “free market” approach to pricing, where alcohol is priced based on supply and demand.




Online, peer-to-peer, outdoor gear rental community. Gear owners post their own gear, and name their own price, gear seekers find the gear they want in the location they want it.

“Rent gear from locals at home or on the go – Share the adventure!”



A social media app for sharing the sounds that you love. Record 17-second audio snippets of songs, jokes, or blurbs and share them with your friends and followers. Follow your favorite musicians for exclusive content; follow comedians, friends, public figures, and the like.


Elite Auto

We deliver a collective solution against the overwhelming force of insurance companies who are trying to push out small and medium sized auto repair shops


My Custom Cookie

3D printed customized cookie cutters.



A service that will help ordinary people and companies create and publish a digital magazine.