Design & Startups: A roundtable discussion.

On Saturday, November 3, 2012 at 12:30pm, Citrix’s Andreas Forsland, will host a roundtable discussion with an amazing group of product designers, graphic designers, UX designers and creative professionals.

Our lunch time discussion will highlight the impact of design on creating successful startups and products. Startup weekend participants can grab lunch (provided at the event) and take “a break” from their business development, to learn from our talented participants.

The roundtable is open to the public, and tickets are available on the registration page. Please keep in mind, after the discussion we may have to kick you out of the building… so that teams can get back to work!

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Uday Gajendar

Principal Designer at Citrix  |  LinkedIn

Uday Gajendar is a Principal Designer at Citrix in Silicon Valley. He’s a proven, executive-backed champion for design excellence, internationally established thought leader and speaker, and catalyst for transforming an enterprise software firm into a design thinking powerhouse.

Uday’s specialities include creating visionary concepts, leading design workshops, and cultivating design knowledge. Uday was responsible for designing and shipping Citrix’s XenClient v1, Receiver for Chrome, and XenApp “Chameleon”, which enables touch-friendly Windows UI on your iPad.

Uday brings 10+ years of versatile experience from the likes of Oracle, Adobe, Frog, and Cisco, with consulting gigs for Netflix and Linked In, encompassing enterprise to consumer, desktop to mobile. With degrees in industrial design (Michigan) and interaction design (Carnegie Mellon), Uday constantly pushes critical thinking behind the pixels, with service models and systems thinking. He also taught UI fundamentals at San Jose State University and served as a Stanford executive coach.

You can read his current thoughts on design at his blog, You can also find him on Twitter and Quora.

Seth Epstien

Chief Catalyst at The Agency of Vision and Movement  |  LinkedIn

Entrepreneur, designer, director. Founded FUEL motion graphics building it into a 50 person firm and selling to Razorfish. Won an Emmy for the rebranding of the X-Games for Espn and was also responsible for the redesign of Sports Center, the most watched show on TV. Has founded several start ups including the most recent a mobile platform, Socialstay. Has experience building from a garage to an exit and all the steps in between. Deep experience in film and video.

Jacob Tell

CEO and Creative Lead at Oniricom  |  LinkedIn

Jacob manages premiere brand positioning throughout the entertainment industry. With an educational background in film and politics, Jacob seeks world changing solutions for positive and creative humans. He embraces technology-driven solutions striving to make them accessible for all to enjoy. With an appreciation for nature and hope for the future of human ecology, Jacob supports forward-thinking environmental & political leaders and aims to further meld artistry and science. Promoting “Solutions for Dreamers” is not merely the slogan of Oniracom, but his vision for positive and lasting change.

Amelia Bellows

User Experience Design Leader at Citrix Online  |  LinkedIn

Experienced leader gifted in bringing online marketing vision to fruition by empowering creative teams to deliver great results through user-centered design. Accomplished career dedicated to increasing ROI, elevating staff performance, and driving revenue growth for Fortune 500 brands including Cisco, Intel, Avaya, Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, Canon, IBM, Telcordia, Bellcore.

Sky Gilbar

Co-Founder at Snapwire Media  |  LinkedIn

Sky has experience in design (web/print/graphic/mobile ), UI/UX/interactive, photography/video production, creative strategy, and online marketing, with a unifying belief in approaching creative challenges with clarity, passion, and authenticity. More needed…

Moderator: Andreas Forsland

Senior Director, Global Creative – Citrix  |  LinkedIn

Andreas currently leads the creative organization at the Online Services Division of Citrix Systems. Prior to Citrix, the past 15 years of his career have been focused on design, innovation, customer experience strategy and affecting change through design as a global design management leader across 3 continents. Europe, North America and South America. He has contributed to and facilitated global innovation, brand and communication initiatives and holistic customer experience initiatives for Royal Philips Electronics, under the design leadership of Stefano Marzano, Chief Design Officer at Philips Design – the multinational design division of Philips. Prior to Philips, Andreas led similar programs for Porsche Cars, Progressive Insurance, Trek Bicycles, AT&T, Coca-Cola, United Nations, IBM, Bank of America, ING and others.

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